936044_thumbnailWelcome to the web presence of the Connor Gouge. It has been six years since the last iteration of the Connor Gouge and now it appears again. We started out in HT-8 constructing study guides for each syllabus flight in the Helo Advanced course of study, then graduated to the MH-53E CAT I syllabus at the FRS. So, fast forward six years and here we are back in Norfolk at the FRS going through the CAT III syllabus with all of it’s joys and wonders. As I progress through the pipeline here, I will post Gouge as I create it. This way, you have continuous access to it as it is created at the ConnorGouge.com worldwide headquarters.

So, if you have any requests, questions or critiques, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@connorgouge.com!!!!