VFR and IFR Chart Symbol Explanation

From the FAA’s publication, here is a great refresher on what all those symbols on the VFR sectionals and IFR LOW Levels actually mean. Intro to VFR Chart Symbols Intro to IFR Chart Symbols and Terms  Read More →

Rotary Wing History and Aero

Thanks to Dale Johnson, we now have a new addition to the ever expanding CG Library.  Published in 1961 it is NAVAIR 00-80T-88 Helicopter History and Aerodynamics.  Great read for all of you who enjoy what it is that you do in Unrestricted Naval Aviation. [Read More…]  Read More →

Power Available vs. Power Required

The basics are simply the foundation of what we do in the air.  The machine will take your life if you don’t understand what keeps it aloft.  Tim McKay sent out his primer on Delta P and with his permission I am posting it here today.  A good short read and a very good refresher on the Bucket Curves for us all. Thanks Tim power-required  Read More →

Sign Off Sheets for SIMS, Flight, and AMCM phases

Here they are for your use and enjoyment. syllabus-sign-off-sheets Word File syllabus-sign-off-sheets PDF  Read More →

Preflight Goodness!!!!

So, for those of you who are looking for the definitive pre-flight primmer / refresher,  your wait is over.  Now, if you wanted to know exactly where the OMEGA mounting pad was, you have the answer in this handy guide. MH-53E Preflight  Read More →