FAM 110

New and improved!!!!! Hot off  the presses, here is the new and improved Connor Gouge for FAM 110, the inaugural document for the flight phase of the CAT III FRS.  50 pages of joy filled MH-53E happiness. FAM 110  Read More →

Systems Smart Sheets

Connor created these a few years ago (his hands were so tiny back then), and they are still ultra fabulous today. Main Gearbox Smart Sheet Utility 1 Hyd Smart Sheet Fuel System Smart Sheet  Read More →

Course Rules Points

Well, here is a first swag at Local Course Rules visual points.  Just click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  Read More →

Send Us Your Pictures

If you have MH-53E related media (photos or videos) and they do not display flying outside of the NATOPS permitted limits, I would love to post them on the home page.  If we get enough I will set up a photo page to support the effort right here on ConnorGouge.com.  Please include as much information as you can about the photo. As always, you can contact us at info@connorgouge.com  Read More →

Yellow Sheet

So, some times it’s just easier to type this up and print it out than it is to track down a copy and hand write it. Besides, getting in the OPNAV 3710.7T and figuring out what goes in every block is lots of fun and quite edifying. Naval Flight Recort (Yellow Sheet)  Read More →


Here they are, The Wing SOP, The HM-14 SOP, and The AWSTS SOP.  Enjoy  Read More →

INST 1,2 & 3

Armed with the Instrument Refresher, Inst 1 and the Instrument kneeboard card you have all info that is introduced in INST 2 and 3.  Remember the 6 T’s?  Well, when you do the Full Procedure turn or are told to hold, it’s not the time to be figuring them out. So do yourself a favor and get in the books well ahead of time for the Instrument portion of the SIMs because there is alot to remember. Oh yeah, and getting vertigo right from... [Read More...]

FAM 4 & 5

The march toward the completion of SIMs is fabulous.  It is getting easier now.  The scan is catching up and the proceedures are getting better and better.  Time to enjoy the big video game. FAM – 4 FAM – 5  Read More →

Instrument Refresher

Wow, this is a pretty substantial document.  I have updated the OPNAV 3710.7R refrences to match the 3710.7T which as of this date is current.  Enjoy. Instrument Refresher  Read More →

TAF and METAR Cheat Sheet

Sure, there are a lot of programs out there that automatically translate METARs and TAFs for you.  Some of us even have this ability on our phones.  However, it is certainly unprofessional to stare blankly across the counter when an AG hands you a hard copy of your alternate’s TAF and tells you that “Based on the weather of your alternate, I cannot give you a VFR stamp.”  Now you will at least be armed with the means to defend... [Read More...]

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