Sign Off Sheets for SIMS, Flight, and AMCM phases

Here they are for your use and enjoyment. syllabus-sign-off-sheets Word File syllabus-sign-off-sheets PDF  Read More →

INST 1,2 & 3

Armed with the Instrument Refresher, Inst 1 and the Instrument kneeboard card you have all info that is introduced in INST 2 and 3.  Remember the 6 T’s?  Well, when you do the Full Procedure turn or are told to hold, it’s not the time to be figuring them out. So do yourself a favor and get in the books well ahead of time for the Instrument portion of the SIMs because there is alot to remember. Oh yeah, and getting vertigo right from... [Read More...]

Instrument Refresher

Wow, this is a pretty substantial document.  I have updated the OPNAV 3710.7R refrences to match the 3710.7T which as of this date is current.  Enjoy. Instrument Refresher  Read More →

INST Kneeboard Card

Just a little SA for your Kneeboard on those Instrument hops. Instrument Kneeboard Card  Read More →