Sign Off Sheets for SIMS, Flight, and AMCM phases

Here they are for your use and enjoyment. syllabus-sign-off-sheets Word File syllabus-sign-off-sheets PDF  Read More →

INST 1,2 & 3

Armed with the Instrument Refresher, Inst 1 and the Instrument kneeboard card you have all info that is introduced in INST 2 and 3.  Remember the 6 T’s?  Well, when you do the Full Procedure turn or are told to hold, it’s not the time to be figuring them out. So do yourself a favor and get in the books well ahead of time for the Instrument portion of the SIMs because there is alot to remember. Oh yeah, and getting vertigo right from... [Read More...]

FAM 4 & 5

The march toward the completion of SIMs is fabulous.  It is getting easier now.  The scan is catching up and the proceedures are getting better and better.  Time to enjoy the big video game. FAM – 4 FAM – 5  Read More →

FAM 2 and 3

FAM 2 and 3 hot off the presses for your enjoyment. FAM – 2 FAM – 3  Read More →


Here it is FAM 1 for the OFT.  Enjoy party people. FAM 1  Read More →