Flash Card Site!!!!

So, you are looking for an online resource for MH-53E Flash Cards?  Well, here is the resource for you.  www.iflipr.com is a site designed to share all types of flashcard sets.  Click on over to the site, get a free login and search for MH-53E.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the functionality you find therein.  There is an iPone app too!!!!  Read More →

MK-103 Mine Sweeping for Dummies

Port Rampman Streaming a MK-103 Float Gents and Ladies (you know who you are!!!).  Here we have the first AMCM contribution to the illustrious Connor Gouge.  The mighty MK-103 is by far my favorite AMCM mission.  It requires solid airwork, acute Situational Awareness, and the highest levels of Crew Coordination called for in any other MH-53E mission.  So, without further delay, here is the MK-103 Connor Gouge. MK-103 As always, if you have any... [Read More...]

Sign Off Sheets for SIMS, Flight, and AMCM phases

Here they are for your use and enjoyment. syllabus-sign-off-sheets Word File syllabus-sign-off-sheets PDF  Read More →

Preflight Goodness!!!!

So, for those of you who are looking for the definitive pre-flight primmer / refresher,  your wait is over.  Now, if you wanted to know exactly where the OMEGA mounting pad was, you have the answer in this handy guide. MH-53E Preflight  Read More →

FAM 110

New and improved!!!!! Hot off  the presses, here is the new and improved Connor Gouge for FAM 110, the inaugural document for the flight phase of the CAT III FRS.  50 pages of joy filled MH-53E happiness. FAM 110  Read More →

Systems Smart Sheets

Connor created these a few years ago (his hands were so tiny back then), and they are still ultra fabulous today. Main Gearbox Smart Sheet Utility 1 Hyd Smart Sheet Fuel System Smart Sheet  Read More →

Course Rules Points

Well, here is a first swag at Local Course Rules visual points.  Just click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  Read More →

INST 1,2 & 3

Armed with the Instrument Refresher, Inst 1 and the Instrument kneeboard card you have all info that is introduced in INST 2 and 3.  Remember the 6 T’s?  Well, when you do the Full Procedure turn or are told to hold, it’s not the time to be figuring them out. So do yourself a favor and get in the books well ahead of time for the Instrument portion of the SIMs because there is alot to remember. Oh yeah, and getting vertigo right from... [Read More...]

FAM 4 & 5

The march toward the completion of SIMs is fabulous.  It is getting easier now.  The scan is catching up and the proceedures are getting better and better.  Time to enjoy the big video game. FAM – 4 FAM – 5  Read More →

Instrument Refresher

Wow, this is a pretty substantial document.  I have updated the OPNAV 3710.7R refrences to match the 3710.7T which as of this date is current.  Enjoy. Instrument Refresher  Read More →

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