So, Your Back at the Squadron . . . Now what?

Well, for one thing you are now in the realm of the Wing MH-53E SEA DRAGON AIR COMBAT TRAINING CONTINUUM (ACTC) PROGRAM that’s right the 3502.1F!!!!  There in you will find all of your Undergraduate and Graduate level training syllabus needs.  Enjoy.  Read More →

Yellow Sheet

So, some times it’s just easier to type this up and print it out than it is to track down a copy and hand write it. Besides, getting in the OPNAV 3710.7T and figuring out what goes in every block is lots of fun and quite edifying. Naval Flight Recort (Yellow Sheet)  Read More →


Here they are, The Wing SOP, The HM-14 SOP, and The AWSTS SOP.  Enjoy  Read More →