Army Helicopter Aero!!!

Here it is Connor Gouge Fans, the Army FM 3-04.203 otherwise known as “Fundamentals of Flight. ” and it is chalk full of Helo Bubba goodness. The information is presented a bit differently than the same info we se as Naval Aviators in P-Cola. Enjoy. FM3_04X203  Read More →

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Send us your Pics!!!!

We would love to see your cruise photos, DET photos, or general Big Iron / HM picks of any kind!!!!! Send your pithy comments and photos to and we will do what we can to get your photos displayed on this banner.  Read More →

Flash Card Site!!!!

So, you are looking for an online resource for MH-53E Flash Cards?  Well, here is the resource for you. is a site designed to share all types of flashcard sets.  Click on over to the site, get a free login and search for MH-53E.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the functionality you find therein.  There is an iPone app too!!!!  Read More →

MK-103 Mine Sweeping for Dummies

Port Rampman Streaming a MK-103 Float Gents and Ladies (you know who you are!!!).  Here we have the first AMCM contribution to the illustrious Connor Gouge.  The mighty MK-103 is by far my favorite AMCM mission.  It requires solid airwork, acute Situational Awareness, and the highest levels of Crew Coordination called for in any other MH-53E mission.  So, without further delay, here is the MK-103 Connor Gouge. MK-103 As always, if you have any... [Read More...]

So, Your Back at the Squadron . . . Now what?

Well, for one thing you are now in the realm of the Wing MH-53E SEA DRAGON AIR COMBAT TRAINING CONTINUUM (ACTC) PROGRAM that’s right the 3502.1F!!!!  There in you will find all of your Undergraduate and Graduate level training syllabus needs.  Enjoy.  Read More →

VFR and IFR Chart Symbol Explanation

From the FAA’s publication, here is a great refresher on what all those symbols on the VFR sectionals and IFR LOW Levels actually mean. Intro to VFR Chart Symbols Intro to IFR Chart Symbols and Terms  Read More →

Rotary Wing History and Aero

Thanks to Dale Johnson, we now have a new addition to the ever expanding CG Library.  Published in 1961 it is NAVAIR 00-80T-88 Helicopter History and Aerodynamics.  Great read for all of you who enjoy what it is that you do in Unrestricted Naval Aviation. [Read More…]  Read More →

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